In modern knitting machine, needle oil supply system is conducted by fully mix with compressed air in order to form oil spray before entering into cam track. The oil spray spreads out quickly after entering into cam track, forming oil film can be caused lubricative effects. High performance of needle oil come up with proper lubrication method can enhance smooth running operation.

Furthermore, when needle oil appear on the surface of fabric it should be remove easily with mind scouring agent or even plain water. High performance needle is the most important consideration because of further direct impact for further dyeing and coloring process.

Produk PTT Lubricant  ISO VG / SAE / NLGI Application
SPINDLE OIL ISO VG 10, 22 Mesin Spinning
DRIVERA SYNTHETIC S ISO VG 150, 220,320, 460, 680 Mesin Weaving
DRIVERA SF ISO VG 150, 220,320, 460, 680 Mesin Weaving
GEAR OIL EP ISO VG 68, 100, 150, 220,320, 460, 680 Mesin Weaving
NEEDELA ISO VG 10, 22, 32 Mesin penghantar panas
HITEMP 600LT Heat transfer
HITEMP 600 Heat transfer
HITEMP 500 Heat transfer