DDL Booster Technology

The new technology of engine cleaning and soot handling performance for diesel engine oils specifically designed by PTT Lubricants. DDL BOOSTER provides effective cleanliness control of the internal engine parts which is the key to prevent wear, improve driving performance as well as prolong engine life and extended oil drain intervals.

Triple Auction Formula

The motorcycle oils need better protection than typical engine oils in 3 main properties.
  1. High film strength combined with a selected additive to effectively protect the engine from high temperature and shear rate at high rpms.
  2. Prevent clutch slipping, which causes loss of power and acceleration on wet-clutch motorcycles. High friction "Friction Modifier" helps optimize friction control for clutch locked-up performance and smooth gear shifting.Friction Modifier” membantu meningkatkan pengendalian gesekan untuk performa penguncian kopling dan perpindahan gigi yang halus
  3. Excellent gear protection to reduce wear in heavy use conditions.


ESTER TECH technology is an innovative technology of PTT Lubricants that helps provide excellent engine acceleration and engine power from low to high speeds, giving racers an advantage in the competition. It prevents clutch slip and provides smooth gear shifting, which are limitations of the friction modifier additive, which is generally used to increase engine power in modified motorcycles. After testing CHALLENGER SUPER BIKE RACING SAE 10W-40 in the blind test, the racer team was satisfied with the improved engine torque and acceleration responsiveness. According to Racer, "It is capable of providing outstanding engine response, maximizing engine performance, and seamless gear shifting.“

Evotec Technology

EVOTEC Technology is the engine oil development platform for modern engine technology. The engine oil was developed under the three E Benefits, which are Endurance, Efficiency, and Environment, in order to enhance customer satisfaction in all aspects and evolve the engine oil industries into the future.
Excellent quality engine oil that can improve engine cleanliness and prevent engine wear in normal operation until extreme high temperatures to extend engine life. Furthermore, it should provide viscosity and friction stability, as well as resistance to degradation, to cover the longer engine oil drain interval.
Specially designed engine oil that satisfy various engine types and driving styles in all road conditions. Friction and oil film strength are optimized and carefully designed to improve engine acceleration response across the entire speed range. It also helps the engine run at full potential from the start and improves fuel economy over the standard.
Engine oil should meet the requirements of current engine technology as well as those that will be developed in the future to improve engine efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions that are harmful to human and the environment. The modern engine oil technology has an importance role to reduce fuel consumption by reducing resistance in the engine. It should suitable for direct injection engine technology that focus on fuel consumption efficiency. Furthermore, it should not be harmful to the exhaust gas treatment equipment such as the Catalytic Converter, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), and Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF).

HFS Technology

Modern engine oil technology tends to reduce viscosity to reduce frictional energy loss, but it should still provide effective engine protection. There is a risk that the oil film will be too thin under high temperature operating conditions, resulting in high engine oil consumption, particularly in INDONESIA. PTT Lubricants, therefore, developed High Film Strength Technology (HFS Technology), a fully synthetic base oil formulated with specially selected additives to provide high oil film strength and maximize engine protection with low viscosity engine oil.

Smart Molecules

SMART Molecules or Synergy of Mixed Alkalines for Robustness Technology Molecules is the evolution of active substance developed by EVOTEC Technology to deliver unrivaled cleansing together with protecting against LSPI of Turbo GDI Engine for releasing the ultimate power and protection for GDI.

ULTRA Shield Molecules

Air pollution problem or PM 2.5 has play an importance role in Thailand for past few years. It is harmful to the health of humans causing stroke, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and acute respiratory infections. The main cause of PM 2.5 is from diesel engine combustion. Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) is established standard that is equivalent to EURO 5. It limits sulfur emission under 10 ppm and lowering the limit of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide gas in order to decrease 80% of air pollution.
PTT Lubricants develop an EVOTEC Technology for modern engine technology. The engine oil was developed under the three E Benefits, which are Endurance, Efficiency, and Environment, in order to enhance customer satisfaction in all aspects and evolve the engine oil industries into the future.
PTT Lubricants diesel engine oils are named in DYNAMIC series. There is the development of technology to become “ULTRA Shield Molecules” ( Ultimate Lubricants Technology for Robustness and After-Treatment Devices ) which offers outstanding engine protection ,prolong the engine life and is not harmful to the after treatment devices such as Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). They are the importance feature for engine oil to suite EURO 5 engine. Therefore, the NEW DYNAMIC SYNTEC SAE 15W-40 and DYNAMIC ULTRA PLUS SAE 15W-40 are released with the last heavy diesel engine technology in API CK-4.
DYNAMIC SYNTEC SAE 15W-40 (API CK-4) is formulated with low sulfated ash (Low SAPS) for heavy duty diesel engine. It is a synthetic technology engine oil with the cutting-edge EVOTEC technology and Ultra Shield Molecules. It delivers excellent engine cleanliness and minimizes sludge and deposits. Moreover, it provides superior protection against wear and maximize the engine performance. It is recommended for on and off highway diesel engine equipped with diesel particulate filter (DPF) or selective catalytic reduction (SCR) in Euro V specification and above. DYNAMIC ULTRA PLUS SAE 15W-40 (API CK-4) is a high performance multi-grade heavy diesel engine oil recommended for on and off highway diesel engine equipped with diesel particulate filter (DPF). It is synthesized with the cutting-edge EVOTEC technology and Ultra Shield molecules which efficiently protect DPF from clogging and enhance engine cleanliness and prevent sludge formation, plus delivers an extra extended oil drain intervals.

Clean & Lock Technology

Diesel common rail engines have been continuously improved to provide high engine power and torque in order to satisfy a variety of working conditions. As a result, engines operate at higher temperatures and some engine oil is burned, causing deposits to easily form on engine parts. Engine dirtiness will result in a decrease in performance or increased engine wear. Therefore, using high-quality engine oil to keep the engine clean and prevent deposits will help it run at optimum efficiency for a long period.
The Clean & Lock Technology, which PTT Lubricants carefully developed, is great in controlling engine cleanliness with high-quality detergent. It reduces oxidation reactions and avoids the buildup of engine sludge, which can clog oil filters. It can protect the engine under heavy load condition due to its high film strength and superior thermal resistance. Long oil drain intervals without engine failure are possible. If it is an conventional technology engine oil , it focus on cleaning engine property only and won't be able to maintain that cleanliness for very long.
DYNAMIC COMMONRAIL with Clean & Lock Technology is designed specifically for diesel engines and is suitable for drivers who want to keep their car engine clean and efficient. There are two viscosity grades:
SAE 10W-30 is suitable for new and normal used cars which mileage below 150,00 kilometers.
SAE 15W-40 is suitable for old and heavy used cars which mileage exceeding 150,00 kilometers.

Inovasi dan Teknologi