Commercial fleet is one of the most important role in Industrial sector. It connects economy movement, from delivering raw material, unfinished goods or simply deliver Finished goods to customer.

One of key factor for commercial fleet is maintenance, good maintenance operations will bring down the cost of machine damage such us overhaul or spare part replacement. Due to overload weight and drive in the long distance, commercial fleet need to be lubricated well by high performance heavy duty diesel engine oil to maintain condition of the machine, so that the machine can run smooth and well without any problem

Tipe Mesin Aplikasi Rekomendasi Penggunaan PTT Lubricants Kekentalan Estimasi Volume Oli [Kapasitas Tangki]
Trucks / Bus Mesin PTT Dynamic G+ SAE 15W-40 8 – 40 Liter
System Hydraulic

*pada truck dengan system hydraulic

PTT Hydraulic ISO VG 46/68 20 – 40 Liter
PTT D-3 Hydraulic SAE 10W
PTT D-3 Plus SAE 30
Transmisi dan Penggerak Poros PTT Automat DEX III 20 – 40 Liter
Differential  PTT GL-5 SAE 90/140/80W-90 10 – 30 Liter
System Pendingin PTT Radiator Coolant 15 – 50 Liter
Bearing / Chassis PTT EP Grease NLGI 2/3 2 Kg